Things You Should Know Before Investing in Crypto trading and Forex


Cryptocurrency is a newcomer in the trades which deals with the digital currencies. It is often compared with Forex as both the markets trade difference currencies. However, they are not the same and have a lot of difference based on liquidity, volatility, and value. Here are things you should know before you invest in digital currency trading.

Secure your email address

Since any banks do not regulate cryptocurrency, you are your only custodian for your money. You should keep your accounts secure, which begins with securing your email address. Never give away your email that handles your digital currency to anyone without reason. Use a strong password, enable 2FA authentication for your email address, and keep a separate account for other purposes.


Learn the wallet safety procedures

In most cryptocurrency trades, your wallet will be visible to the traders who can check how much money you have. It is not a privacy breach but a method of making legit trade. To protect your digital money, you will need multiple wallets to keep your cold money away from the sight of traders who do not need to see it. Keep your trader wallet for only the money you want to trade with and keep your private key safe.

Be careful about what you do not understand

Crypto trading is still a new market, and there is a lot to learn about TA and FA. You should be able to use them within your own abilities. Start with the basics and do not use the methods that you do not understand. If you are feeling confused check out the professional blogs and tutorials but never make a blind trade.

Do not get scammed

One way to protect yourself from being scammed is to stay away from the social media that promises you the fastest results. A professional trader will never approach you through social media platforms to tell your different schemes. They will pitch an offer to you directly instead of telling you what else they have in mind. As a beginner, it will be really difficult to keep yourself protected from all scams, so be wise enough to make better decisions for yourself.

Never invest more than you can afford

Crypto trade and Forex are both highly volatile markets which can keep on changing. You may not receive a big profit anytime soon as a novice. It is crucial that you understand that it will require hard work to fill your bucket drop by drop as it is not a casino game. To avoid any financial disasters, start investing in trades only when you have enough to pay your bills and protect your family.

The vision is still unclear

Cryptocurrency is becoming popular due to its high value and independence from the central banks.  It is a digital currency which only exists online using blockchain technology, and only computer networks can track the value and ownership. Since there is no intrinsic value for the cryptocurrency, the traders can only expect someone to come and buy the currency at higher prices.

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Crypto trading and Forex

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