Author: Peggie Hutchens

How to Trade Forex and Cryptocurrency

Forex today is the largest trading market in the world which involves traders investing money on currency pairs and gaining quick profits based on the economy and currency difference between the two countries. Cryptocurrency offers a new digital currency trading platform which may seem like forex but is completely different. Many traders fall into believing […]

The Different Between Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a new market introduced for traders ever since new digital currencies popped up globally to compete with bitcoin. Crypto trading is often confused with forex trading as both the trades are done online and involve direct money. Even though both the trades involve trading currencies, there are a few differences between the […]

Things You Should Know Before Investing in Crypto trading and Forex

Cryptocurrency is a newcomer in the trades which deals with the digital currencies. It is often compared with Forex as both the markets trade difference currencies. However, they are not the same and have a lot of difference based on liquidity, volatility, and value. Here are things you should know before you invest in digital […]

Strategies to Implement Before Doing Any Kind Of Trade

Every trading strategy is different, as every trader is different from each other. Trading strategy of a trader depends on the approach, goals, trading style, and risk tolerance for a trade. Here is what every trading plan should have to become an effective strategy in entering and exiting the trades. Skill assessment Before you jump […]

Why Investing in Cryptocurrencies and Forex is a Better Idea?

Cryptocurrency has emerged as an advanced and safer alternative to fiat currencies in terms of transactions, value, and trading. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have established themselves as a suitable investment which is backed by blockchain technology. The cryptocurrencies offer easy transactions without the need for middlemen like brokers or institutions. It is a decentralized […]

Crypto Experts Give Their Top Predictions for 2020

As the crypto sphere keeps expanding to sprawl over the globe, everyone is keen on knowing more about the industry and what is happening within. Even when the world undergoes scarcity of digital currency, there are plenty of opinions about what is best and what would be the potential winner in the market. People own […]

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